Immersive videos + lesson plans to enhance world language classrooms

Immerse yourself in language and culture!
Illustration by Gerd Altmann

These virtual reality-based lessons are designed for language and intercultural learning, to be used as a supplementary resource in the classroom.

We are currently developing the first language series—All In! Spanish.

All In! Spanish is:


Students experience real-life scenes from around the Spanish-speaking world. The immersive 360 videos make them feel like they are actually there.


Choose from a library of ready-made lessons to align to your curriculum’s scope and sequence. 


You don’t need expensive virtual reality headsets. All In! can be used with a Cardboard viewer.  Cardboard viewer + smartphone = accessible virtual reality.


Students immerse themselves in linguistically and culturally rich settings and listen to local people. It’s the next best thing to travel abroad.


Empower students to become global citizens. All In! is designed to exercise critical thinking skills, foster curiosity, and develop intercultural competence.

About the videos

All 360º video footage was shot exclusively for the language lesson to maximize learning. The places and people are authentic—no actors involved; no scripted language used.

About the lessons

The lesson plans were created by Karin Fajardo, author of the proficiency-based Spanish program Conectados and pioneer in the development of online language courseware and use of authentic video for instructional purposes. 

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